Thursday, October 27, 2011

Crave or Save

Crave: Mongolian vest - Calypso St. Barts, Save: Mongolian fur vest - Sabine

Crave: Fur Collar trench - Burberry, Save: Belted fur collar trench - Topshop

Crave: Green mongolian fur coat - DVF, Save: Motel Freya Faux Fur Cropped Coat - Asos

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pretty Notes

So remember those little paintings I did awhile back .  Well, my genius sister decided to take the designs and transfer them to printed note cards.  Aren't they stunning?!  Mine are the watercolor line drawings (top right and bottom middle).  Do you want to know the BEST part though??  The art on the "Catherine" series which consists of the top middle and bottom left card were done my my 3 year old niece!  One day after she was finished with a little painting project, my sister was cleaning up and notices how lovely the palette she used to mix her colors was.  She saved it and transferred the masterpieces to her note cards.  Again, genius!

If you want to purchase them, shoot me an e-mail.  Her Etsy shop is here.