Monday, November 7, 2011

Art Meets Fashion

Painting by James Nares

JP and I took a trip to Vegas a couple of weeks ago.  It was my first time - what a crazy place!  I'm definitely glad I got to experience it.  Everything about it is loud and in your face.  Including the above painting that I discovered in the lobby of the hotel Aria.  I was memorized by it.  I love the large brush strokes and brilliant color.  I did a little research and the artist, James Nares, paints by suspending himself over the canvases hooked up to a harness - click here to get a visual - its pretty amazing! 
The other day I stumbled upon this photo pf SJP in a gorgeous Prabal Gurung spring 2012 frock.  I kind of gasped when I saw it because it reminded me so much of the painting I've been lusting over since Vegas. 

I'm wondering if I can try to create a similar painting...