Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Embark on an adventure with Kate Spade New York

As I was browsing Facebook the other day, I stumbled upon a contest that Kate Spade and Polyvore have teamed up on.  Contestants are to start with one of six statements that they supply you with and build an inspiration board around the statement using three or more Kate Spade images and anything else that inspires you.  For those of you that don't know what Polyvore is, its a really neat tool that is great for bloggers who are not exactly well seasoned graphic designers.  It gives you the ability to create a collage and piece together images quicker than Photoshop.

Here are two sets that I created inspired by the ever so playful and sophisticated, Kate Spade.  I think they are pretty cute :)  What do you think?  I had so much fun doing this so don't really care if I win, but the prizes are pretty great too...three lucky winners will be chosen by Kate Spade New York creative director, Deborah Lloyd, to embark with a friend on a perfectly curated trip to Chicago, San Francisco or New York. Winners will also receive a $1000 gift card to spend at one of their shops!  Sounds pretty fab to me!!



  1. Super cute! I hope you win. I'd love to go on either of those adventures ;)

  2. Hands down ... bellisima!!!