Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I love being a girl.

You know when you see an image that just makes you smile?  I did exactly that when I saw this girly photo shoot brought to me by The Cherry Blossom Girl and Miss Pandora.  They are two french girls that blog images daily showcasing their ridiculous wardrobes and impeccable sense of style. I can't read anything they write, since it is all in French, but the photos alone keep me hooked!

Here is a little photo shoot they did together at what looks to be a carnival.  This makes me want to put a big bow in my hair and throw on some sparkly high heels.  Sighhhh - I love being a girl...




  1. Absolutely stunning, I know! I had a feeling you would appreciate her aesthetics. You have to look at the latest post, especially with your love of weddings. Seriously, Seriously, Dreamy! xoxox

  2. Aaaaah I'm obsessed with those Mui Mui mary janes - wish I had them on my feet right now!