Monday, August 16, 2010

J. Crew Bridal Boutique

Have any of you seen the sneak peek on J.Crew's website of their new bridal boutique on Madison Ave. in NY?  Modeled on a classic French Salon, it is simply stunning not only from a fashion perspective, but an interior design perspective as well.  I love the shelving display in the photo featured above.  The mix of these organic colors contrasting with the stark white is spot on.  I also love the star made from tiles on the hickory herringbone floor.

Dying over this imperfect chandelier with the mix of chains, crystals and ribbons.  Also am digging the coral colored screen with nail heads.  I will definitely be keeping these images on file when I am ready to design my next home.

Perfectly displayed.

In addition to the lovely dresses J.Crew has to offer here they have also teamed up with jewelry designers including Miriam Haskell and Lulu Frost to complete their bridal ensembles.  Pictured here are two of my favorite Lulu pieces.  I can't wait to visit the store next time I am in New York! 



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