Friday, August 6, 2010

Project Runway Season 8

Project Runway Season 8 started last week and so far I am not too impressed with the majority of the designers.  There is one designer however that really stands out amongst the bad: Gretchen Jones.  Gretchen is the Designer/Creative Director for the label Mothlove that is self described as, "ethereal and sexy in its very simplicity.Bohemian in lifestyle and design, Jones aims to create collections that beg to be worn and fallen in love with..."  Imagine lots of silky fabrics and sexy silhouettes with a loose drape. 

Although her designs and color palettes are simple, they carry a young and fresh appeal that boast a very modern aesthetic. As I was watching last night, I went online to read her profile and she lists her favorite designers as: Vena Cava, Chloe, Rachel Comey - many of my favorites as well!  She has taste and style which many of the other designers don't seem to posses thus far...I know who I am placing my bets on this season!!

Gretchen Jones

 Gretchen's first two designs of the season - both first place!!
photos c/o Project Runway

                            photos c/o Mothlove                                       
My Favorites of Gretchen's designs from Mothlove. 
{P.S. I love how she has the models photographed laying down - so clever!}



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  1. So far I am enjoying this season. Gretchen is seriously talented.
    Enjoy the weekend.