Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A New "Do"

Lately I have been super lazy when it comes to my hair.  Most days for work I put my hair up in a wet bun due to lack if time in the morning.  It buys me more time to sleep, but I end up feeling messy and unpolished all day.  I'm in search of a few new "do's" that I can quickly execute in the morning and still look put together.  Here are a few I'm going to try out.  Stay tuned for pics of my interpretation of the looks....

{A messy poof with an elastic headband}

{a half messy bun/french twist}
{long side swept bangs with loose side curls}
{A messy side braid - my hair is not as long, so wont get the same effect, but its too cute!}

Any other easy but cute hairdo's I should know about?


  1. I totally feel you pain! The same thing happens to me most mornings. I am big on the low bun/ french twist. My ultimate trick for looking polished is hair accessories. I use headbands from JCREW all the time. Another trick for an early morning volume boost is dry shampoo (Klorane).

  2. i do styles like these a lot because i hate spending time on my hair (irony: i'm a hair stylist). hair accessories are your friend and so are braids!