Wednesday, March 23, 2011

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This week has been nutty (yes, I know it's only Wednesday)!  JP and I are in the middle of possibly getting a house {soon} and there is soooo much work involved.  It's super fun but scary, stressful and exhausting all at the same time.  I wish I felt like the lady in the photo above today.  She looks so calm and cool.  I hope to be like her when I am that age - so much style, grace and poise.  I also want my hair to look like that! 

I'll keep you all updated on the house situation.  Hoping for good to come my way this week!  Let the decorating begin (hopefully)!



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  1. I remember when we bought our house, it seemed so "adult" of us and therefore very scary. It was also very exciting and it felt like a brand new chapter we could create together as an "us". So cheers to your new adventure, it will SO be worth it!