Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Etsy Treasures

Love the little gold clocure and soft leather.

I discovered this Etsy shop the other day and I'm completely obsessed!  Sure I usually go for things that have some (for lack of a better word) "flair", but every once in awhile I can't seem to resist something super classic, clean and timeless. That is exactly what Harlex is all about.  These beautifully hand-crafted leather goods (most can be personalized) would be the perfect gift or little treat for yourself!  I've got my eye on the envelope clutch, leather pouch bag, and personalized camera neck strap.  Love them all!

gorgeous luggage tags...

I must have this!

Have you discovered anything worth doting over on Etsy lately?


  1. Thanks for love HarLex's leather goodies~! these are the nice pics and also our favorite too! Hope to work with you soon :)