Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Current Obsession: Nude Lace

nude lace

Lately, I am having a hard time diverting my eyes from anything lace!  This fabric is not meant for only your undergarments anymore ladies!  It's time to wear it on the outside for all to see!  However, I feel that the best way to wear it is in blushy pinks, nudes and whites.  Also, it is best when paired with something opposite like sleek cargo pants, or a military style jacket.   The look is so glamorous and girly and I love the textural element of it.  I just bought a pair of blushy pink lace shorts over the weekend and can't wait to show them to you {look for an outfit post later this week featuring the shorts}.  They make me feel so...Ooh la la!!! 




  1. I love these pieces too! I can't wait to see the shorts...maybe they will make an appearance in HHI!


  2. Me too, I bought a vintage lace top just the other day and there are at least 5 pictures of girls in lace on my inspiration board. I was really into making nude and blush slip dresses last summer and apparently there has been many request for them at The Closet lately. Very Spot On and Lovely Post! xoxox