Tuesday, July 6, 2010

J.Crew Fall 2010 Collection Inspiration

I don't know if you have seen the Fall 2010 J. Crew collection preview video, but if you haven't - you must because it is pure visual yumminess!  So is the ad campaign for the collection {here}.  Jena Lyons, J.Crew's creative director (who I am slightly obsessed with because of her keen eye and impeccable taste) describes the collection as: "Edie Beale goes to summer camp".  Many of the pieces are very military inspired and textural while bordering on girl scout chic.  The colors are very nude and muted, but with pops of hot pink and green.  After watching this I was so inspired by the makeup and hair of the models, and Jena that I decided to create a summer look inspired by the video/collection of my own.  I loved Jena's hair style so I tried to create my own version of it below.  Also, in the video they mention the lipstick they used on some of the models.  It's called Funny Face by NARS.  I went out and picked it up yesterday and of course wore it today!  What do you think??

Photos c/o JPG

Jacket {H&M}
White top {Nordstrom BP}
Shoes {J.Crew}
Glasses {Urban Outfitters}
Bag {H&M}
Nail Polish {Revlon in "minted"}




  1. Very pretty outfit (esp. love the accessory details in the last pic with the hints of pattern / color)...and pretty pics by JPG! And the hair is lovely...reminds me of the "crown" french braid Mom used to do when you were little

  2. Love the lipstick, and the nail polish! They both really pop with your outfit ;-)