Thursday, August 19, 2010

My "Contents"

Okay, so I know I am not the first person to come up with a blog post such as this one, but everytime I see one similar, I am instantly delighted.  What is more fun than getting to view the contents of someones most secret and prized possession?  It is a true depiction of who a person is and what their day-to-day life is like.  Last year, my sister Laura, did a post on her blog showcasing the contents of her bag and explained the inspiration behind her post was the Kate Spade book, Contents.  The book, a limited edition, no longer in print and signed by Kate Spade herself makes it a real treasure.  Inside features the handbag contents of ballet dancers, women in high power jobs, and moms (like my sister).  Below, I share with you the contents of my bag.....

1.  Vintage Gucci wallet (given to me by my mother-in-law :)
2.  I-phone 3GS and my pearl and crystal bling cover (love)
3.  Zeno Hot Spot.  I seriously swear by this thing!  It gets rid of blemishes with gentle heat.
4.  Peter Thomas Roth suncreen - the best suncreen on the planet!  It super dry and stays on all day.
5.  Business card case
6.  Ray Ban aviators
7.  Moleskine little notebook - for random thoughts and ideas
8.  OPI nail polish for touch-ups in "A Good Man-Darin is Hard To Find".
9.  NARS cream blush stick in "Orgasm" - go from dead to gorg in seconds with this baby pink cheek splash
10.  Apple raspberry fruity flakes from Trader Joes - always need a little snack on hand or I get cranky :)
11.  Olympus camera - I am constantly seeing things that inspire me so having this on hand is key
12.  USB flash drive
13.  Lip brush - use this to apply lipstick like the pros
14.  NARS lipstick in "Love Devotion"




  1. these are fun posts, i love seeing what others treasure. that book contents sounds intriguing, too bad it is no longer in print. have a great weekend. BTW, I love your bag! Who is it?

  2. These are my favorite kind of posts...I see them a lot! Your "contents" are so fun! Isn't that the bag we got at Urban?


  3. Hey Sarah,

    The bag is from Urban Outfitters and it was $19.99!!

  4. Um, my bag is no where near this pretty and put together. I am jealous.

  5. I love seeing these posts too. I actually had my purse stolen a couple of years ago and when I was dealing with my insurance company I had to recount everything, with its value, to make a claim. I realized when I lay it out that way some things may seem a little absurd, but when you add it up the value of the things we carry becomes really expensive.
    I like your purse too, and I was thinking it was something super expensive. Urban Outfitters can be amazing!

  6. I've always wondered about the zeno. What nail polish are you wearing on your toesies... I've been looking for a gold nailpolish.

  7. I love these types of posts. Perhaps it's because I'm slightly nosy and enjoy getting an inside look at people's favorite things. Great idea carrying a snack by the way. Hunger tends to set in quickly when on the run, so always smart to bring a little bite for emergency :)

    Take Care!

  8. i have that book too...i still look at it. funny, i love seeing what's inside people's bags.

  9. Hi Kristen!

    I just found you from the SCOOP and you have such a cute blog! I always love the 'inside look' into other bags; cute purse by the way! I've been meaning to get a Moleskin myself for all those thoughts running through my head.

    I just started a new blog myself; blog newbies unite!

    Looking forward to future posts.

  10. Please please PLEASE where did you get that amazing pearl and crystal cover for your phone? I'm obsessed!!!

  11. Hi Corinna,

    I got it on Ebay! Just search for bling iphone cover :)