Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Norma Kamali Eyewear

Everyone has that one accessory that they cannot seem to ever stop buying whether it's watches (my husband), hats, or shoes. Those of you who know me well and who have shopped with me in the past are used to me entering a store and making a b-line for the sunglasses department!  I admit it - my #1 fetish is my sunnies!  I simply cannot get enough of them!  Somehow they have the ability to make me feel so many different ways each time I wear them and give me a little boost of confidence.  Weather it be Edgy, glam or sexy these three pairs from Norma Kamali are on the top of my list.  I also love the model's hair style and pretty pink pout.  Cute :)

photos c/o Norma Kamali




  1. You would look great in all of them! The first ones remind me of your Tom Ford ones.