Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lacking Inspiration

This week has been a bit gloomy and depressing so far due to the poor weather.  I have felt unusually uninspired this past week so I decided to do a mini photo shoot featuring some items that currently make me happy.  I am hoping to draw some inspiration from these images and hopefully get my groove back soon!

{Gucci inspired necklace found at a flea market in Siena, Italy}
{chunky, gold chain-link bracelet from J.Crew and some incense matches I found by the cash register at Whole Foods.  They are seriously awesome.}
{A horse shaped salt shaker found at Anthropologie and a pyramid bangle from Madewell}
{A business card holder found at a flea market in Siena, Italy}

What are you inspires you lately?




  1. V. interesting shots! A good exercise in finding some inspiration. Whenever I need new ideas I go through my old magazine issues and tear sheets; that always works. Pinterest is my new mode of inspiration.

  2. Even when you lack inspiration you take beautiful pictures! I love Pinterest too!

  3. Is that sequin number in the top photo the J.Crew mini? I love it! And the matchbooks & card holder too. I try to read, or go on quiet walks when I need inspiration. It helps me let go of what's happening around me, and opens me up to a new way of thinking, allowing my eyes to see things I might otherwise miss. Let my mind wander.

  4. You should have joined me at the Stella&Dot party tonight.....so many gorgeous pieces, you for sure would have been inspired. I love your sequined mini, really brought some bright cheer on a dreary day :)

  5. can I please have everything in those photos, thanks.