Friday, November 19, 2010

Anniversary Getaway

When JP and I were deciding on a wedding date, we couldn't have calculated it better since around the end of February is about when the terrible winter blues set in and most people are ready for a warm get-away.  Our Anniversary date is February 20th so I am hoping (at least for the first few years of our marriage) we can take a little getaway each year at that time.  Of course, this anniversary is uber-special because it is the FIRST!  That being said, we want to go somewhere fun to celebrate our first year of wedded bliss (haha).  Of course for me, the hotel we stay at is just as, or maybe even more important than the destination. Here are three places/hotels we have in mind.  What is your vote?

{Parrot Cay in Turks and Caicos}
{The Tides South Beach - of course I am obsessed with this hotel due the the amazing interiors designed by the lovely Kelly Wearstler}

{The Parker in Palm Springs - the destination of our reception at our wedding, also the delicious interiors at this beauty were courtesy of the one and only - Jonathan Adler.}

Have a stylish weekend!




  1. i vote for the caribbean! since it's your first wedding anniv., i think staying in the islands would be more romantic and secluded than going to miami or palms spring.

    however, i love all the outfits you've picked out! :D



  2. I vote Turks and Calcos, which, I think would be more romantic than Miami... go back to Palm Spring for your 5th year anni... that's what I would do ;-)

  3. I think you should go to the Caribbean--you can go to Miami any time--go to Palm Springs on an anniversary after a few more years. You will appreciate the surroundings more! I like the clothes for all of your wanabe trips! Dream on!! Love, Jodie

  4. Turks, go out of the country now while you still can. Once you have kids it's MUCH more difficult to travel internationally...