Monday, November 1, 2010

A Very Tacky-Chic Weekend Getaway

A couple of weekends ago Jon Paul's parents invited us to join them at the Greenbrier in West Virginia for JP's Mom's birthday celebration.  I was really excited to get out of Atlanta and have a nice relaxing trip.  I had heard a bit about the hotel - it was supposedly a historic landmark and I knew Jessica Simpson went there once for their casino's grand opening (useless information, I know), but that was all I knew.  When we got there I was pleasantly surprised by the visually stimulating "Modern Baroque" style interiors that the hotel emulates. 

Designed by Dorothy Draper who actually invented "Modern Baroque", this little beauty reflects splashes of punchy (almost obnoxious colors) and graphic wallpapers that remind you of the first house your parents had when you were little. The style can almost be considered tacky to some, but I loved it!  It would not be my personal style all together, but certain elements inspired me for future design projects.  Here were the best parts:

{I was obsessed with these large Moroccan looking light fixtures that lined a large hallway with tall French doors.}

{Beautiful Baroque detail on the stairs}

The indoor pool reminded me of the one inside Daddy Warbucks's mansion in the movie Annie.

{Check out the large bows over the windows! Too fun.}


{This girly pink ballroom looked like something you would see in a palace in Europe}

{Fun Baroque style table}




  1. Wow! I love everything about it, especially those oversized bow window treatments! ;)