Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Very Fashionable Halloween

When I was a little girl I would change my outfit about ten times a day. I could never get enough of my (what I thought were) glamourous dress-up clothes.  I found it so fun to play the part in whatever fairy tale I was making up that day.  Guess what, not much has changed!  I still love playing dress-up but obviously don't have as much time these days to do it so when October 31st rolls around each year, I become that little girl all over again.  Last year I was Lady Gaga and it was pretty major.  This year I want to go as a famous fashion designer or style icon.  Here are a few I am contemplating...

Betsey Johnson

John Galliano

Karl Lagerfeld

Rachel Zoe

What are you going to be this year?




  1. I mean Rachel Zoe is an obvious choice for you! I also think you could be a great Betsey Johnson.

  2. You should post my picture of Karl from last year..

  3. betsy johnson would be so much fun!!!