Friday, January 21, 2011

Couch Potato

I am thrilled to announce that JP and I have been approved to rent our (his) condo!  Ever since we said our "I Do's" last year, we have been dying to get ourselves out of the condo we currently reside in and into a new little (larger) love nest for two.  Also, since JP has had his condo for almost six years now, you can imagine how "boy" it looks - very bachelor padish!  Not his fault - at the time he bought it, that was just his stage in life.  

Anyway, I am very eager to begin my 2011 decorating extravaganza!  We looked at a house last weekend that we loved, and plan to see four more this weekend.  I look forward to sharing with you the progress of the process, but promise that this will not become an all home decor blog.  I pledge to stay true to my inner fashionista!

Of course once we do find the right place, we can't go crazy and purchase everything in sight.  So,  we agreed that the first thing we will buy is a sofa.  What do you think of the ones above?  I am not super sofa savvy, so any suggestions are welcome!  I want it to be stylish with modern lines, but most of all I want it to be comfortable.  We spend a lot of time on the couch reading, cuddling and for me - blogging! 

Here are some other items that I hope to purchase in the next year.  I want our home to feel happy and bright.  I am using the below items as color inspiration.  How much do you love the painting?  It is by local Atlanta artist - Julie Jones.  Check out her website (here). 



Have a very stylish weekend!




  1. SO funny you posted about sofas today bc I was just looking through some catalogs this morning at some! We're about due for a new one. I adore all your picks. I like the color and lines of the first one but the last one looks the most comfy :) I also really like the mirror and chair!

  2. How exciting! There is NOTHING better than moving into a new space with a blank slate. Oh-the possibilities.

    I can't wait to see all the great things you do!

  3. I like the second sofa--the off white with the tufted back. It looks cozy--although it might not be contemporary enough for your exotic tastes! Jodie