Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An Empire State Of Mind

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Hello friends! This week the countdown begins for a little getaway my sis Laura (of Neapolitan Paper and Home) and I are taking to The Big Apple at the beginning of February.  Can you believe that she and I have NEVER gone anywhere just the two of us?  Its kind of unheard of considering we are best friends, sisters, and interested in all the same things...  This trip will obviously be fun filled, but we plan to do a bit of work as well.  It also marks the beginning of a soon-to-be collaboration that I can promise will be amazing!  We plan to taste the local food, shop the latest boutiques and of course entertain a bit of the night life.  I want to come back inspired and full of new ideas.  With that said - I need YOUR help!  We have a good list of places we want to visit while in town, but I would love some more suggestions of restaurants, shops, bars etc. 

So far on our list:

The Standard Hotel - We'll be staying here for the long weekend.  Super excited.  Heard its fab!
Westville - Ok, so I admit that I have already been to this place, but their brunch is too good to skip.  Must go back!
The Guggenheim - I can't believe I have never been here!  Hope we can fit it in.
Chelsea Markets - I have heard amazing things about this place.  People always find the greatest treasures here for a small penny.
Eataly - Shop, eat and learn at this Mario Batali food concept.  Very intrigued.
Bobo - Have heard great things about this restaurant.  Cant wait to taste it for myself!

Stay tuned for a full NYC report when I return!




  1. I was just adding to my list of destinations! Can't wait! xoxo

  2. I was just there and went to Eataly...yummm. You have to check out ABC Home in Union Square...I swear you'll be in there for a few hours browsing home furnishings, jewelry, etc. I bought this cool tribal inspired necklace, but wanted one of everything :) Also, J.Crew Bridal store has most gorgeous clothes and accessories.

  3. I can't wait to hear about the trip and see pics!

  4. Have a great time with your sister! I look forward to seeing what you bring back with you.

  5. My sister and I have never been on trip (just the two of us) either! We may have to follow in your footsteps!

  6. If you love Mario Batali, then don't pass up a meal at Otto by Washington Square. Just there last month, the pasta, pizza and gelato were amazing (and at an extremely affordable price).

    Enjoy your trip!