Monday, January 17, 2011

What I Want Now: Some Serious "Door Knockers"

Kate Bosworth is a woman who truly has her personal style nailed down.  Everytime I see a photo of her from an event or appearance, she is always consistently herself.  Not only is she always dressed really well, but she perpetually has the most gorgeous accessories decorating her ultra-feminine ensembles.  I've noticed that she has an impeccable collection of earrings in her treasury.  I think the fact that she keeps her looks simple and clean gives her the ability to pull off large, almost gaudy (in a good way) earrings.

{A few Pairs I am dying to call my own.  I would rock these with a high ballerina bun and clean natural makeup}




  1. Did you know she has a jewelry line? It's called JewelMint: There are some interesting pieces.

  2. Kate really looks amazing and your selection of earrings is so beautiful.

  3. we think alike :) I had just ordered those tribal triangle drop earrings from house of harlow to possibly wear for my wedding. but I tried them on with my dress and they don't quite work. bummer, cause I love them!

  4. Hi Betsy! I think I am going to have to get them too! At least now you just have a pair of gorgeous earrings :) Where did you get your dress?

  5. you should get em! :) i love all the house of harlow jewelry. my dress isn't a "bridal" gown per say but rather a long white dress from a designer in NY, Amy Claire. we'll see how it all comes together!