Monday, January 17, 2011

What She Wore

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Award season is here!  As much as I like guessing which movies/shows are going to win, my favorite part of the process is rating the dresses that come down the red carpet.  On my list for the best and worst dressed this year?

Best Dressed
1.  Anne Hathaway in Armani - I suppose we should be giving the cudos to Rachel Zoe, but she rocked it.
2.  Emma Stone in Calvin Klein - This color is so fresh and modern and the cut was perfect for her bod.
3.  January Jones in Versace - I loved it all!  The hair, makeup and that va voom!
4.  Olivia Wilde in Marchesa - Its simply impossible to strike out in Marchesa.
5.  Selena Gomez - Gorgeous Grecian goddess in unexpected red vs. white.

Worst Dressed
1.  Natalie Portman - The necklace did not work with the large glittery red rose detail.
2.  Angelina Jolie - So tired of this silhouette from her, give us something else!
3.  Michelle Williams - So sad, she usually always looks phenom!
4.  Jennifer Love Hewett - Just not working
5.  Claire Danes - LOVE the color, but the shape was just not accentuating her amazing figure.  Blah.

Agree or disagree?  Tell me your favs and disappointments of the evening.




  1. I completely agree with your picks! I LOVED Anne Hathaway in that gown...amazing!

  2. I agree wholeheartedly about Emma Stone & January Jones but I have to disagree about Angelina. She is a woman who knows what looks good on her slender body and sticks to it. Just because a woman knows what looks good on her does not make it a bad look, boring to you maybe, bad no.
    What about Christina Aguilera she looked like it took 5 people to stuff her into that awful number? Another disappointment aside from Michelle Williams that is usually a favorite of mine was Scarlett Johansson, what in the world happened, antique gone bad?
    O and Anne is gorgeous as always! Actually it looks almost identical to Angelina's dress just in a different color.

  3. Hey C! Thanks for commenting! I totally agree with you that if a woman finds something she looks good in, she should stick to it, but I honestly don't even think this silhouette looks good on her. Also, her hair is bad - those bangs :( Just doesn't make me swoon. However, this is what I love about fashion - it is so subjective and its peoples opinions that make it fun and interesting. Keep it coming :) XO

    Oh AND I wanted to link to some looks that I thought Angie has rocked in the past:

    The blush colored Versace number she wore at the Cannes Film Festival with red lips

    -The black sweetheart neckline dress at the Oscars with the emerald earrings.

  4. Agreed! I appreciate some styles but they aren't always for me, it is wonderful fashion is an expression of self, art, style, and personal preference. Speaking of preference I must admit I am a fierce Angie fan, so she can basically do no wrong in my mind, even if a good amount of her movies aren't spectacular. hahaha. And thank you for those links those are absolutely two of my favorite past looks too! xoxox