Thursday, January 13, 2011

Take Me Away....

A few weeks back I posted about JP and I possibly taking an Anniversary trip somewhere warm and scenic.  We thought long and hard and have now decided to take a getaway to Saint Martin!  I am giddy with excitement not only because I will be celebrating our one year anniversary, but also because I get to do a little shopping for some beachy things before I leave.  You may recognize the photos above.  These are photos of the lovely Viceroy in Anguilla.  No, we are not staying there, but it is just a short 20 minute boat ride from where we will be staying.  I hope to maybe stop there one day to sight see and have a little lunch or dinner.  However, the main reason I posted the above pics is because I was so drawn to the decor of the hotel, that I am using it as inspiration for my vacation wardrobe....Should make for some good blogging when I return :)

{Items I am hoping to snag before the trip!}




  1. Stunning choices, I love them all together! Hilary is especially smitten with Missoni home, she would Love the towel. xoxox