Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lounge In Style

{Image found over at Oh Joy!}

{Image found over here}
As I noted in a previous post, JP and I have begun searching for our first home together.  We've viewed many, but there is one that remains at the top of my list.  Its really near perfect: Grey pickled wood floors, large open living.dining room, a large kitchen and the cutest little lounge/sitting room I have ever seen!  I've never really thought of making an extra bedroom a sitting lounge, but I love the idea of it!  Picture it: Ceiling to floor shelves filled with books and small antique findings, a super comfy couch and possible an elegant fainting sofa, a little bar stocked complete with favorite libations.  I would live in that room!  I'd also probably be able to justify purchasing more pretty loungy clothes as well :)  Whats your favorite room in your home to just lounge?



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  1. I would just LOVE your Sorellina opinion on *pretty loungy clothes*. As a new stay at home mom who was used to working in an office I'm totally lost when it comes to knowing what to wear at my new "job". If you do end up with an adorable sitting lounge, let us know what you'd wear for the occasion;)