Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What I Want Now:

Where can I get it?

1.  Gloves-Topshop
2.  Platforms-Chloe Sevigny for O.C
3.  Striped Cardi 
4.  Ballet Flats
5.  Skirt-Valentino
6.  Tee-Joes Jeans
7.  Earrings-Dannijo
8.  Wedges-Lanvin
9.  Duffle-Givency
10.Scallop Top-See by Chloe




  1. 1. those gloves are totes adorbs
    2. discovered OC just the other day, i knew there was something missing in my life
    3. love the horizontal/vertical stripes
    4. i can totally see you wearing these
    5. this reminds me of the one I made a http://sewcial.blogspot.com/2011/01/window-treatment-or-party-skirt.html
    6. nothing better than a loose fitting tee and a pair of your fav jeans
    7. i would wear these pretty/rocker earings in a heartbeat
    8. yeah, i wish i could wear heals like that, those are super cute/hot
    9. that bag would cost more than anything i would ever put in it put together over my lifetime. ha.
    10. i SEE this being really flattering. love!