Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Knot - y

A fun necklace I made over the weekend.  This was suuuuper easaaay.  I kind of like how it is imperfect and slightly non-symmetrical. I'm going to make a black one that is a bit larger and chunkier.  Would you care to see a tutorial?

I am still trying to figure out a way to finish/fasten the back.  Does anyone know of a supplier that carries nice cord end caps?


  1. Great job on this!! You could always bound the ends with a smaller rope like I did on this necklace

  2. Catherine and I LOVE your necklace! I would love a tutorial! Catherine just asked, "Why can't we see her face?" The musings of a three-year old.

  3. yes to tutorial! love the necklace. I got confused when the thumbnail popped up on my browser b/c i have that shirt and wore it just the other day... saved by the bell shirt! As for fastener I would first check out a bead shop, bring the necklace along, they should be able to give you some options.