Friday, April 22, 2011

The Royal Wedding

{Wearing a Miu Miu fascinator in Florence}

With all the buzz surrounding the Royal Wedding, I couldn't help but compose a post dedicated to the exciting mark in history.  One accessory no doubt will be adorning many heads at the wedding: the fascinator.  Gorgeous, elaborate headpieces made of feathers, the finest fabrics and jewels.  Oh how I would love to see them all in person!  At least we can watch it on the Today Show, right?  My sister is having a Royal Wedding viewing party at her house next Friday.  Guests are encouraged to wear formal attire and of course - a fascinator!  I would wear the one above.  This is a pic of me at the Miu Miu store in Florence.  No, I didn't buy it, but toootally wanted to!  I'm really bummed that I'm unable attend my sister's soiree (since I will be in Atlanta and she is in Ohio), but I will be there in spirit.

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Would you wear a fascinator for a fancy event or wedding?  Cheerio!


  1. Um, YES. If I can wear gold sequin high waisted wide leg pants I think I'd wear a fascinator. Ha. The soiree sounds fabulous, was lightly thinking about it myself... hmm thinking about it more seriously now!

  2. I think this hat post induced a rather funny dream last night! You, Jenima, Hilary, Natalie, baby Chi O's, and I were in it, we happen to be wearing some stylish hats & outfits (of course), and venturing to a chic version of the Loft!!!hahahaha

  3. hahahaa a chic version of the Loft. love it. i can totally visualize that.