Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shady Lady

Those who know me are familiar with my sunglasses obsession.  Not sure where it started, but I have always been drawn to them.  Maybe because they have the ability to really spice up a look or give one a certain attitude.  According to my husband I have way too many pairs, but I can't seem to stop buying them!  Lately I've been lusting over shades in a crystal, pink hue.  They look great on all skin tones and sort of give off a flirty, cheeky vibe.  Which pair is your fav?  The last one is a great deal!  Hmmm....

Shades: Tom Ford Sunglasses, Prada Postcard Sunglasses, Celine Sunglasses, Cateye Sunglasses-Topshop

top image c/o Vogue Italia


  1. I love that peachy shade!! and what a steal!!

  2. #1 and #4 ... maybe some of the obsession came from your "Mamma"!!