Friday, April 29, 2011

A Very Royal Day

Ladies and Gents,

I have a very light heart today after witnessing history in the making EARLY this morning.  Kate Middleton was glamorous, demure and poised as she walked the LONG aisle of Westminster Abby in her ravishing McQueen gown.  It was perfect even though the cynics said it should have been MORE (whatever that means) – I thought it was true to tradition, the occasion and most of all - herself.  If she had come out in a costume, everyone would have been confused…

I have a sneaking suspicion that this wedding is going to have a large impact on the evolution of fashion over the next couple years.  I sort of see fashion and styling taking an understated and ladylike turn.  What do you think?  Also – can we say HATS, HATS and more HATS!?  I think I will be adding a couple into my wardrobe this year.  How about you?

In other news: Please check out my guest post on this morning.  I have created a juicy palette inspired by Palm Springs

Have a very stylish weekend!

PS - how much do you love the little flower girl covering her ears overlooking the balcony?  Too funny!

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  1. Wow, you PERFECTLY captured the sartorial element of the day. So true that if she had come out in a costume, everyone would have been confused...she did look every inch the princess because she was so poised. The dress, tiara and veil were all true to her own style. I loved the dressmaker details, especially the amazing pleating on the front and bustle of the skirt, and think we'll see a lot of that in bridal, runway and RTW.

    And, I didn't even notice the flower girl covering her ears until you pointed it out - that is awesome! And who does it remind you of? :)