Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Uh oh, somebody needs glasses...

Truth is, I've been wanting glasses ever since I was like five and would go with my Mom to the eye doctor to "help her" pick out frames - I would try on every pair in the store!  I had my first eye appointment in probably ten years over the weekend and was sure they wouldn't find any problems.  Well, I was wrong!  At least now I can pick out some fancy frames!  I purchased a black pair (pics to come), but I really want to get a second kind of funky pair.  What do you think of these below??  Kind of like the Phillip Lim 3.1 pink frames...

{top image via}


  1. I like the tortoise frames above and below the Philip Lims.

  2. I like the tortoise ones below the pink ones ... And maybe the top pair, too! ... and thanks for all the help!!!

  3. love these! would you be willing to share where the frames are from? if not all - at least the fourth pair down?! ... and maybe the first too?! (i'm in the market for a new pair and these are to die for!) x

  4. Hi Arre,

    The first pair is Balenciaga - http://www.iloveglasses.com/product/balenciaga-0063-eyeglasses

    Second pair - are Chanel - cannot find the link

    third pair is from Prism - http://shop.prismlondon.com/collections/optical-glasses/products/new-york-cream-tortoise-shell-optical-glasses