Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Look For Less

So, I'm an avid Goop reader (Gwyneth Paltrow's blog).  I love GP's fresh take on fashion, food and an overall healthy lifestyle.  She did a post the other day where she put together outfits (with the help of Net-a-Porter) - all SUPER cute, but totally unobtainable (for some)!  Who can afford this stuff, really?  We get it GP, you're rich!  Sadly, not all of us can wear a head-to-toe designer ensemble.  One piece here and there, yes.  Since I liked these looks so much, I decided to help out other Goop devotees that want to dress like GP, but can't necessarily afford her picks - like me!

Gwyn's look would cost you $4,680!  My picks will cost you $617 - not necessarily cheap, but the higher priced items are what I like to call investment pieces.  You will wear them ALL the time and they go with just about anything!
Dress-Kain, Blazer-See by Chloe, Shoes-Trouve, Necklace-Madewell

Gwyn's look would cost you $1,244!  My picks will cost you $256.93!
Tank dress-H&M, Necklace-All Saints, Sandals-Nine West, Bralette-J.Crew

Happy Shopping :)


  1. I just tweeted your AMAZING take on her spring lineup! Brava Sorellina!!!