Thursday, June 30, 2011

House Pics of the Week!

I moved my little stool to live under my red lacquer console.  I think I like it there!  Seriously in need of a large rug for this room - any suggestions??  Everything I like is like $4,000!!  Figures.

Dress- Urban Outfitters, Necklace-J.Crew, Glasses-Kate Spade

The mantle looks a bit haphazard at the moment.  I need to find a cool piece of art to put here.  On another note, I'm loving my little pink chairs - they're surprisingly super comfy.  Would you believe my husband was the one who found these?  He said they looked so "me".  Cute, right?!  I told him not to worry that I would find a way to add a bit more masculinity in this room...eventually...


  1. Everything looks splendid!! The room, the chairs, the decorating - and YOU ... too cute - too fabulous!! And the husband who found the chairs - priceless!

  2. such great pictures! your place is looking amazing- it definitely shows your personality and style! and of course you look as cute as ever! :)

  3. Love all of your house pictures, so cute!

  4. LOVE everything from the matching muted pink chairs to your Kate Spade frames! Would you mind sharing the style of the frames? They look great on you!