Monday, July 25, 2011

In The Bedroom

Last week I realized that I'd thought of how I wanted to decorate every room in the house except our bedroom.  After realizing this, I started to feel bad that I had been neglecting one of the MOST important rooms in the home.  The bedroom is where one needs to feel safe, cozy and of course - stylish!  I knew I wanted our room to feel dramatic, but also "happy".  I loved the idea of painting the walls a deep greenish/blue, so I did exactly that!  We went with B. Moore's "Newburg Green".  I LOVE this color.  I first painted one wall behind our bed and lived with that for a week just to be sure it was what I wanted.  My husband wasn't sold on having the whole room be so dark, but I think he is really happy with it now.  I purchased these bright shams (on sale for $30.00!) at Anthropologie and plan to incorporate them with a bright hotel-y white duvet to really pop against the dark walls.  I'm not actually going to buy the chair, but hope to find something like it to put in the corner of the room - any ideas??  The aqua frames look so much more luxe and shiny in person.  They remind me of these boxes.  For even more luxe, I want to buy these sconces.  They feel so dressy serious.  Lastly, I'm dying to get an Hermes throw to drape at the end of the bed or tossed on the chair.

I can't wait to share the final results...almost there :)

Benjamin Moore paint color: Newburg Green, Haute House chair, Hermes throw, Blue lacquer frames, Ikat shams, "Tuxedo Sconce


  1. Fabulous choices - what a beautiful and cozy nest you're creating ...

  2. Loving the graphic pillows K!!! Btw, this is ty

  3. Gorgeous room. BTW this DwellStudio cubist throw could be a stand-in until the "real deal" is attainable:

  4. Absolutely love that you went with your gut!!! Great color choice and pillows.

    Ironically, we've been in our house eight years and I'm just now getting around to picking some items that I really love. It seems the room we want to be most "perfect" is the one we neglect the most.

    I'm sure the end results will be great and I can't wait to see!

    Good luck!